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We have been asked a lot by clients if the Robotiq camera can do barcode reading. Unfortunately, the camera does not support barcode reading at this time.
However, instead of barcode, you can identify your parts with something else. 

In this post, you can see that the parts can be identified using labels with recognizable shapes or logos. You simply need the shape to be big enough and differentiable enough from one another. Then, you can simply teach that shape to the robot and use it to identify your parts.

If your shape is too small to be recognized at first, you can simply look out for the part, pick it up and place it at a known location then use another snapshot position nearer from the object in order to see better the shape on the label.

Which barcode do you see most often in applications, 1D or 2D? What do you usually need to do with the barcode once you read it? Do you need to lookup data in a database that needs to be connected to the UR?