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We have been using OnShape for over a year now, absolutely love it, even if there are still features that I would like to see.

Here is a view of the Robotiq model 85 that we use in our customer models. This is fully constrained to perform like a parallel gripper in this model.  

Model 85 OnShape CAD file

One of the features that I wish OnShape had is the ability to use variables in constraints so that you can move to precise locations, that would be great with the UR models that we use so that we could actually give the joints their angles and see where it goes in relation to the model.

@dhenry maybe we can generate some unique feature requests out of this group since we generally have some strange kinematic issues when dealing with robots.

Are there any other OnShape users on here other than @Sebastien and ourselves?


Daniel said:
I guess I need to start using Onshape now. I'm impressed over the features and the easy user interface.

@matthewd92 : Would you like to share the two finger gripper model 85 with me? Now I only get read only view. It will be appreciated.

@Daniel if you private message me with your email address I can add you.