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@Grady_Turner it is indeed possible to install the Gripper's URCap in UR Simulator. You will get the Gripper URCaps that allows you to program easily with the new interface, as well as the Gripper toolbar. The installation process is the same as it would be over an actual robot. Therefore, you can refer to the instruction manual for this process. Make sure your offline simulator is at least 3.3.X.X so you are able to install URCaps on it. 

The only thing that is different is how you make the .urcap file accessible to your UR Simulator. For instance, if you are running on Windows, you will need to download a virtual machine to run the simulator (i.e. VMWare or VirtualBox). You can put the .urcap file on a USB stick and connect it to the virtual machine while you are running the simulator. You can then copy the .urcap file in the Programs file of the robot you are using. This way, you will have access to it during the installation process. 

Feel free to post below if you have questions.