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The casing+fingers of all our grippers are in anodized aluminium. You can change the pads of the 2-finger gripper depending of your application. To learn more on this aspect, there is a good blog post by Mat:

Feel free to ask more questions about our grippers: we are very prood of it! And if you have any comments, we are always happy to have feedback of our customers to continuously improve our products. 
I was reading the blog post from @mathbelanger as referenced in your reply above and saw that you offer other finger tips for the gripper.  I have not seen those options before, are they on the website?  Also, there is a nice graphic in the article that shows different grips but I can't get it to enlarge nor can I find it on the website.  We are often having to make custom fingers for the grippers for various applications but maybe we could use an off-the-shelf solution instead saving us valuable time and money possibly.  If you don't own a machine shop custom fingers can get pricey.