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I have a question regarding the camera.

If one of your positions in your scan fails, how do you get around that?


  • @Sebastien
    I did some testing for you. The incorrect scanning position is due to where the initial position of the snapshot where scanning process is initiated. In the first test I tried to place the grid as close to the robot as possible and everything went fine. On one of the snapshots you can even see joint 2 of the robot, which shows you how close the grid was to the robot.

    Here is a picture showing the position of the grid compared to the robot base.

    Then I tried it with the grid far from the robot such that I knew it would get off limit during the scanning. Here is a picture showing the robot at snapshot position:

    And here is the error that popped up when it figured out its next position was off limit!

    Alexandre Pare, Eng.
    Application Engineer
    [email protected]
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