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Question from @olivertan during the vision system training :

Can you use object detect to compensate for the fact that the gripper does not have enough space around an object? Or use FT sensor information to detect unwanted collision?


  • Etienne_SamsonEtienne_Samson Posts: 376 Handy
    @olivertan @Tyler_Berryman there is no embedded feature for that, but you could indeed have a set of instructions inside the Camera Locate node that will use both force sensing and Gripper object detection to know if you had a collision and to know if you picked the object. I would do something like:
    Move to snapshot position
    Camera Locate
        While Force reading < collision threshold
            move to approach point
            else go back to Camera Locate
        Close Gripper
            if object is detected go to exit & place
            else go back to Camera Locate
    You should also have a part feeding system, so if you detect a collision or miss a pick, you could shake the parts before the next attempt.
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