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@GUITTON that is a very clean integration done by your group:

How did you synchronise the press brake with the UR? 

How do you ensure that the metal is properly placed before actuating the press?

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  • ericeric Founding Pro, Partner Posts: 18 Handy
    I'm interested in knowing how you're communicating between the Amada and UR10 as well
  • SadanandaSadananda Posts: 5 Apprentice
    I am a Project Engineer in a German Company. We are also planing to do the same Integration (univesal robots for pressbrake) for our amada machines as well. can there be some Information Exchange and Support from you.
  • SadanandaSadananda Posts: 5 Apprentice
    GUITTON said:
    Concerning the synchronisation between the presse brake and the UR, I use an analogique sensor that informe the robot about the position of the folding "V" (that go up and down). So the robot know when it must start to move.

    For the position of the metal, i reference it before starting the operation :

    The communication between the Amada and the UR is simple.
    UR to Amada :
    -Emergency stop signals
    -Top folding (use of the two hand control of the Amada)

    Amada to UR :
    -Emergency stop signals
    -Position of the folding "V" (analogique sensor).
    Dear GUITTON could you please explain me how did you make universal robot communicate with the control of amada machine ? I understand u used the emergency stop signals but I did not understand how did u plug in to UR10e. And I have a few questions as well
    - is it possible to somehow make the footpedal of the hydraulic press to trigger the actions of robot and positioning the sheet?
    - is it possible to use the same programs we are running on the hydraulic presses with this modificaiton ?
    - what are the other sensors you used to complete the task ?
    It would of great help if you could help me out. I am stuck here and i need a way out :(
  • ZimaZima Posts: 1 Recruit
     Hello , 

     Could you give me more details about communication between robot and press brake?

     Thank you !

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