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Concerning the synchronisation between the presse brake and the UR, I use an analogique sensor that informe the robot about the position of the folding "V" (that go up and down). So the robot know when it must start to move.

For the position of the metal, i reference it before starting the operation :

The communication between the Amada and the UR is simple.
UR to Amada :
-Emergency stop signals
-Top folding (use of the two hand control of the Amada)

Amada to UR :
-Emergency stop signals
-Position of the folding "V" (analogique sensor).
Dear GUITTON could you please explain me how did you make universal robot communicate with the control of amada machine ? I understand u used the emergency stop signals but I did not understand how did u plug in to UR10e. And I have a few questions as well
- is it possible to somehow make the footpedal of the hydraulic press to trigger the actions of robot and positioning the sheet?
- is it possible to use the same programs we are running on the hydraulic presses with this modificaiton ?
- what are the other sensors you used to complete the task ?
It would of great help if you could help me out. I am stuck here and i need a way out :(


The basics are you tap into the foot pedal so that the robot can send a parallel signal. This requires usually a digital output firing one or two relays (depends on number of wires in foot pedal) where the relay(s) aft just like the mechanical switch in the foot pedal. 

To get the position of the ram you simply install an analog linear position transducer onto the ram and then the robot can convert the analog signal into position of the ram. 

For the e-stops you would simply use relays for that as well and pick up the button on the machine and send to the robots e-stop circuit and do the same going back to the machine. You would need to use a configurable output set e-stop state. 

There really is no actual communication between the machine. You are using existing circuits and relays to make the circuits work similar to how the humans use them 

Thank you very much !