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Grady_TurnerGrady_Turner Founding Pro, Partner, Beta Tester VIsion 1.1 Program, Wrist Camera URCap 1.3.0 Posts: 67 Handy
I have noticed that the 18 calibration poses seem to be relative to the snapshot position.  Is this correct?

If so @PierreOlivier_Proulx can you explain the details of how the robot will move when calibrating?  

It will be useful for new users to know what the robot will do ahead of time.  I have seen several times that the UR will make moves that a new user does not expect, and they are NOT happy about that (even though it is what is being commanded, a new user does not understand this all the time..)

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  • PierreOlivier_ProulxPierreOlivier_Proulx Beta Tester VIsion 1.1 Program, Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 69 Handy
    edited August 2016 Answer ✓
    @Grady_Turner The calibration poses are relative to the camera position after the centering step. So indirectly, those are relative to the grid. We suppose the camera initially lies on the sphere which the radius depends on the robot type. 30cm, 55cm and 65cm for the UR3, 5 and 10 respectively. Its optical axis points toward the center of the sphere. The poses are then computed by rotating the sphere in x, y and z and by varying its radius by an offset ±5cm. The result is that the camera will move around a sphere and that it will always points approximately towards the center of the grid.

    Pierre-Olivier Proulx
    Software Designer
    [email protected]


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