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xqcheng said:
Hi, I have a FT-300-S force torque sensor connected to a xArm 6 and controlled via the xArm ROS and robotiq_ft_sensor SDK. I am trying to create a smooth trajectory that will exert a constant force of 1 N in the Z direction (i.e., downwards force) and move in a combination of X and Y direction (rotary motion) upon contact with a surface. Waypoints was collected along the oval trajectory. However, when I tried to have xArm moved along the waypoints collected with compliance control activated, the xArm 6 was bobbing up and down as it moves along the waypoints (see video attached). I'm thinking there's some issue with certain parameters that's being set or that there should be something that I overlooked. Would anyone happen to have any ideas?
Hi,have you solve this problem? I am also doing some research about this