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YazanYazan Posts: 2 Recruit
Hallo everyone,
I am trying to establish contact between the robot and the computer directly using an ethernet cable.
My network on the computer looks like this:

then I set the IP address of the robot like the IP address of the computer, looks like this:

When I run this command(ping: it means there is contact between them.

but the EtherNet/IP adapter is not green and looks like this:

I work with remote Control:

Through a small Python program:
(from urx import Robot
robot.movej([1.5, 0, 4, 0 ,1, 2], a, v)
i tried to move my UR5 but the robot won’t move. Is this a correct way to move the robot?

I always don’t know what the problem is.
Can someone help me please.

Thank you very much.


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