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MolinaSRMolinaSR Posts: 1 Recruit
Hello everyone, we have a TM5-900 Omron collaborative robot. He was working in production when, after a general power outage in the factory, the robot no longer turned on. It is important to note that the robot is connected to a online double conversion UPS, with all safety requirements. After attempts to reconnect, it was found that some problem had happened. It has a tablet connected, where programming is carried out, the tablet is connected via USB, to the touchscreen and hdmi on the robot, having its own power supply with a dedicated source. It was found that the tablet had the HDMI input and the touch was damaged. The robot was sent to repair and problems were found on the motherboard (PCA IPC Module), with the chip having a short circuit. The company says that the problem may have originated from the hdmi or usb input. This process also resulted in the burnout of the varistor on the robot's input board. Has this problem happened to anyone else? And does anyone have any recommendations on how to fix it so this doesn't happen again? We have all the connections correct, with no-break to stabilize the input power, we don't understand how this happened. We have other robots and we are afraid to turn them on and this problem happens again. 


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