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Umar_AnjumUmar_Anjum Posts: 5 Apprentice
Hello all. I want to control Robotiq 2F-85 gripper of the actual robot using the gripper control in RoboDK. I was looking for the robotiq Camera but I found out it can be accessed from the URL "http://<Robot IP>:4242/captureimage" to capture image and "" to view current image. I could not found anything like this for gripper. I realized it is not connected with a wire so it probably be connected through the robot flange conenction. I am still looking for the communicatio with gripper but i dont know how yet. 

1. How can I access gripper through a python script?
2. Gripper is connected through robot flange, would it be accessable through URL? or through any any port.

RoboDK uses LAN connection to comunicate with RoboDK.


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