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PaulKeelingPaulKeeling Founding Pro, Partner, Beta Tester Multi Gripper Posts: 5 Handy

Is there any thought on allowing the manipulation of the path generated by the path planning cap? Like being able to cut it into segments or snipping a set amount from the beginning or end? Maybe even including buttons to move the robot to the start and end points?


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  • PierreOlivier_ProulxPierreOlivier_Proulx Beta Tester VIsion 1.1 Program, Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 69 Handy
    @PaulKeeling Hi Paul, We thought of implementing this in the URCap but after doing some tests we came to the conclusion that recording a path is quite easy and can be done in no time. So we think that the best approach when teaching a path is to break it into sub-paths and if you are unhappy with the result of a segment, you just re-teach it.

    Another argument to avoid implementing a path editor is that would take us a lot of time to do and the result would be probably a complicated software.

    But if you still have a specific problem where editing a path would be greatly helpful, don't hesitate to post it. We could surely find a solution.
    Pierre-Olivier Proulx
    Software Designer
    [email protected]
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