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I am having issues with communicating and activating the Robotiq 2f-85 gripper via ROS. 

My laptop has ROS melodic on it and can send ROS commands via ethernet cables to the UR10e arm. The Robotiq 2f-85 gripper is connected to the UR10e's computer. From my laptop I can detect the Robotiq 2f-85 gripper but can't send any commands to it or receive feedback. In my ROS workspace, I have downloaded the ros Industrial robotiq, fmauch_universal_robot, and Universal_Robots_ROS_Driver repositories. 

Below are the steps I execute to try to communicate to the Robotiq 2f-85:
  Power on the UR10e,
  Activate the gripper from the teach pendant
  roslaunch ur_robot_driver ur10e_bringup.launch use_tool_communication:=true tool_device_name:=/tmp/ttyS0
  Run the program on the teach pendant for external control
  roslaunch robotiq_2f_gripper_action_server robotiq_2f_gripper_action_server.launch

Below are some rostopic available for the gripper after launching the action server and their output:

  /gripper/feedback         nothing comes up

  /gripper/output            nothing comes up

  /gripper/status              return an empty status list

  /gripper/goal                “gripper could not accept goal because the gripper is not yet active”    It is activated from the teach pendant but I can’t find if I am supposed to send a command from Ubuntu workstation to activate it?

After launching the action server for the gripper and doing roswtf, this is what comes up

Any help would be appreciated!


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