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gauravbgauravb Posts: 9 Apprentice
I have a UR5 robot along with a force torque sensor(FT300). My application is to place a attachment with piping arrangement(for filling purposes) into a cylindrical container. Through a 3d vision sensor I am able to locate the target position(waypoint) which I need the robot to move to. Now I need to attach a payload(length ~90cm) having flexible piping arrangement and go to the same waypoint calculated previously. Due to weight of the attachment along with the piping a tension is being developed in the robot tool due to which robot along with its payload is not able to reach its waypoint properly and thus may damage the attachment. I want to know that can the force torque sensor be used to correct the robot pose (if yes, how?) when the attachment is being put on the robot. I was thinking if somehow the force vector before and after tool attachment can be used to resolve the pose correction.


  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 673 Expert
    Do you have any pictures to illustrate this ? FT300 comes with some functions like insertion which can help corrected miss positionning for insertion. Maybe that could help ?
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