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ecaiecai Unconfirmed Posts: 4 Apprentice
Dear Robotiq community,
we recently got a KUKA iiwa R800 with Touch Pneumatic flange and we are currently buying a Robotiq 3-Finger gripper setup for Ethercat plus Wrist adapter plate and the AGS-IIWA-CABLE-KIT-B.
In the thread https://dof.robotiq.com/discussion/76/how-to-install-the-robotiq-3-finger-gripper-on-kuka-iiwa I have read that the CABLE-KIT-B, which is suited for pneumatic flanges, has:
- M12 5 pins female power connector (X36)
- 20cm M8 cable (4 pins) for communication (Modbus TCP, EtherCAT) (X2)

We do have the X2 port on the Touch Pneumatic flange so the communication should be ok.
However, the Touch Pneumatic flange has no X36 port, only X2 (EtherCAT), M8 - 4 poles)  and X3 (Power, with M12 connection 17-poles).

So I am worried that we won't be able to connect the 3-Finger gripper power to the flange.
Does the CABLE-KIT-B have a cable for X3 or is it somehow compatible with both X36 and X3?

Or do we need to assemble a cable ourselves or buy it somewhere?

(I think KUKA gave us an X3 to nothing cable i.e. a cable with a connector for X3 on one end, 17 wires, and nothing on the other end)

Thanks for your help!


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