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I have problem with connecting wrist camera and 2F-85 gripper to Universal Robots UR10 CB3.1, Polyscope 3.15.7.
I installed URCap UCC 1.11.3 and URCap UCG 1.8.11 (tried to reinstall them many times). 

Camera is connected to the robot via Robotiq CBL-COM2069-10-HF cable 
(one side is plugged directly to camera as a pigtail, other side: 1 pin to 24V, 1 pin to GND and USB).
Gripper is attached via a 10-spring pin connector located on camera outer surface.

The result is that the 2 LEDs on gripper and 1 LED around the camera connection to pigtail glow red constantly.
When scanning for gripper, the system finds nothing. The camera interface shows the message as in the attached picture.
There is no problem detecting usb license dongle and pendrive with vision system connected via usb hub.

I would be grateful for any help


  • gabimatachegabimatache Unconfirmed Posts: 1 Recruit
    I have exactly the same problem with the same description on an UR5e robot with wrist camera and 2F-85 gripper setup, Polyscope 5.11.
    Please help!
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