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Hello Crew,

On July 25, 2022, Robotiq put online version 1.27.2 of the Copilot URCap (UCS-1.27.2). Please go to ➜ Browse by product ➜ Force Copilot ➜ Universal Robots ➜ Software ➜ Force Copilot Software ➜ Download Zip.   

This URCap (1.27.2) does not only contains the implementation of the following bugfix, but also includes all the features needed to use the Robotiq Machine Tending Solution. These new features, improvements, and bugfixes are also presented below (UCS-1.27.1). 

Release notes UCS-1.27.2

[BUGFIX] Fixed an issue when generating a Machine Tending program after a demo program creation, always generates a demo program.

Release notes UCS-1.27.1

[NEW] Added simplified Cnc Machine Tending capabilities throught the Machine Tending node.

[NEW] Added part feeding capabilities throught the Part Feeding node.

[NEW] Added loading part in workholding capabilities throught the Load Part node.

[NEW] Added part unloading capabilities throught the Unload Part node.

[NEW] Added open/close door capabilities throught the Open/Close Door node.

[NEW] Added button activation capabilities throught the Activate Button node.

[NEW] Added light monitoring capabilities throught the Monitor Lights node and the Machine Tending Installation node.

[NEW] Added cleaning capabilities throught the Cleaning node.

[NEW] Added optimized waypoint to waypoint trajectories throught the Smart Move node in combination with Machine Tending node.

[BUGFIX] Corrected an issue where the Multipoint path does not always completed its path when the speed slider is low.

[BUGFIX] Fixed an issue with the Palletizer status lights when the robot is in reduced mode.

[IMPROVEMENTS] Improved Palletizer trajectories from the pick position.

[IMPROVEMENTS] Removed unnecessary movement when the robot is waiting above the conveyor and a box is detected for the Palletizing application.

[IMPROVEMENTS] Improved trajectories in general for the Palletizing application.

[IMPROVEMENTS] Use a larger approach vector when Palletizing the first box.

Please note these two URCap versions were tested on:

  • PolyScope 3.15.7

  • PolyScope 5.12.2

Please contact the Robotiq Support Team at should you have questions or comments.