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YunusYunus Posts: 2 Recruit

I have a Robotiq FT-300 Force Torque Sensor and a UR10 robot arm. I wonder can I lock the end-effector force (to 30 newtons) with Robotiq FT-300 Force Torque Sensor? If so, does it automatically adjust the speed of the robot according to the sensor data, or does the sensor have no effect on the speed of the robot?


  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 695 Expert
    edited June 2022
    You can use our Copilot urcap force node to apply a constant force on a trajectory.

    You can check the elearning video:

    The ft300 is only compatible with cb serie.
  • YunusYunus Posts: 2 Recruit
    I use CB3 - UR10. 

    Thank you very much for your answer. Do you know how can I get the force value using ROS? I didn't find any tutorial for Force and Torque sensor for ROS. 
  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 695 Expert
    We have a ROS package to connect our FT300 on a ROS PC.

    However this ROS package only gives you access to the force and torque values measured by the FT300. There is not function to apply a force on a  trajectory in this ROS package.

    There are some urscript function to get force in torque. You could use those functions to write force and torque values in robot ModbusRTU registers and than access it from outside.

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