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Hi @ziga004,

For your exact application, I would recommend using the barcode reading feature instead of visual offset tags.

For example, you may have a different barcode for each program you want to execute. The result of the barcode scanning is stored as a string in a variable which you can use to set a switch case to execute different program parts. You may learn more about the mechanics of this feature by looking at 'Barcode' in the
Wrist Camera Instruction Manual.

The visual offset tags' purpose is more to fine-tune robot moves relative to where the tag was scanned. For example, if your tag is scanned in a 12deg and 3cm offset from where you originally taught it, the following relative moves will be offset by the same amount so your program will still work with this offset. Again, you may get further details about this in the manual if you wish to learn more about this.

Hope this helps,