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rrapirrapi Posts: 3 Apprentice
edited April 2022 in Troubleshooting
Hi everyone!!

I am a master science student working on my thesis and in our lab we have a UR5e and Robotiq2F 85 Gripper attached directly to the robot control box.

I set all the things and the configuration seems to work for the robot that I can control and send commands to it from my ROS Pc, even from RViz. But not the same for the Gripper. I tried with Robotiq2FGripperRtuNode but the connection always fails. Tried also with Robotiq2FGripperTcpNode but id does not nothing. So the Robotiq2FGripperSimpleController node is able to send control messages but the Gripper still does not move.

The ROS pc that I am using is Ubuntu 18.04 with Melodic. 
Attached you can see the rqt_graph with all nodes and topics.

Could you please help me to solve this problem?

Thank you very much for your time!



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