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atieng3atieng3 Posts: 1 Recruit
The Wrist Camera is showing an error of "USB Camera disconnected."  I have installed the URcap from the Robotiq download page: UCC-1.11.3_20210913.zip.  All files were extracted to the root of the USB drive provided with the camera.  I have already confirmed there is no problem with the 4 port hub and the License dongle is working.  After browsing through other threads, I saw that it may be a defective cable.  Is there a way to test this or is the only option to replace it and see if it works?

Also, there is a 2f-85 gripper attached to the camera and neither the camera nor the gripper LEDs are lighting up.


  • Yannik_MethotYannik_Methot Posts: 39 Handy
    Hi @atieng3,

    If neither LED's are lighting up, it means the issue is specific to the power which can't reach the camera. This could be caused by anything from the robot supplying the 24V to the cable to the camera itself if it's short-circuited.

    What can be done to test is to confirm that the 24V power is indeed supplied to the cable from the red/1black wires as the USB alone cannot power the camera. If the 24V reaches the cable but not the camera, you may probe the 24V on the cable's end by removing it from the camera. Depending on whether the power reaches the end of the cable or not, it will indicate which of the camera or the cable is defective. 

    You may contact us at [email protected] should you have further issues with your products. 

    Hope this helps you troubleshoot your setup.
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