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I am working on a dual gripper installation with a new Hand-E gripper and a 3 to 4 year old 2F-85 gripper.  I can't get both grippers to work at the same time.  They both work without issues if the other one is not connected but when I connect both, only the 2F-85 is recognized and can be initialized.  I'm thinking the 2f-85 may have older firmware that does not support this dual gripper setup.  I was wondering if there's any special sequence that needs to be followed.  I read the manual and I think I followed the steps as described.


  • Yannik_MethotYannik_Methot Posts: 40 Handy
    Hi @Vasiliadis,

    The behavior you are seeing is normal at first since all grippers are at the same communication ID by default so they conflict with each other. Here are some instructions extracted from the instruction manual for 2F-85 (it is also good for Hand-E and Vacuum grippers):

    When installing multiple grippers on a UR robot, set an ID for each gripper.
    To do so, perform the following steps for each gripper.
    Caution Connect only one gripper at a time using the splitter (refer to the Installing the Gripper on the robot section and the Electrical Setup section for detailed instructions).
    After a gripper has been identified by PolyScope, disconnect it and repeat the installation procedure for each additional gripper.

    1. Connect only one gripper at a time using the splitter.

    2. Check that the gripper ID is different from that of other grippers that will be connected to the robot, and if required, select a different ID from the "Change ID" dropdown list.
    Caution Make sure that each gripper has an ID different from other grippers. Otherwise, communication issues will occur.
    By default, Gripper ID is set to 1 in all grippers' internal memory. When you change gripper ID through PolyScope, that change is committed to gripper memory.

    3. Click on Activate to activate the gripper.

    4. Perform the same routine for all grippers, if applicable, connecting only one at a time

    I hope this will help you get both grippers working at the same time.
  • BennoSchmidtBennoSchmidt Unconfirmed Posts: 1 Recruit
    Hi @Vasiliadis,

    does this hint solved your problem.
    We do have the same problem, since we´re trying to get a dual gripper setup to work inckuding the Hand-E and the AirPick.
    The solution @Yannik_Methot mentioned before isn´t working for us. I already tried this connect and disconnect thing in combination with setting different ID´s and some restarts, but it doesn´t work in the end...
    Is it maybe because of the different sub-menues? The Hand-E shows up in the Gripper section of the URCap, while the AirPick shows up in the vacuum gripper section.. But not sure about this.

    Any ideas on how to proceed?

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