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chriskearsleychriskearsley Posts: 15 Apprentice

I would like to suggest a idea that the parametric input variables be able to be manipulated outside the wizard, As for the past year we have been working on a collaborative Robot to code our inner rings and outer ring bearings and  we use a Qr code that sets the Measuring gage and sets the offsets for the robot for palletising the parts in trays depending on the outer dimensions/inner dimensions and width seen with the Qr code. We have a few ring sizes that are going to be going through this process and would mean having to teach in every part. As your filling the dimensions in through the parametric wizard all it is really doing is searching for parts are within what you have entered. If it took the details from the Qr and enable to change the parametric variables the camera would look to see if there are rings that fit within the specification.

No need to teach in every part


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