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Seeking recommendation and advice:  My wife has extreme mobility problems but being the fighter she is, she won’t give up the household tasks.  A follow-me robot with obstacle avoidance that would carry up to 10 lbs. in a laundry basket would really help her.  I can’t find a machine or a kit that I can purchase for household tasks.  I envision a tray about 12”x18” that sits 6” above the wheels.  Maybe a neck like the Budgee unit to hold the ultrasound sensor up above the laundry basket?  Doesn’t need video, or music or a personality, or be a security robot, or interface with any of the cloud based systems, just needs to help move things that throw a mobility impaired person off their balance.  I would think you could sell one of these to almost every disabled person in the world.  Any ideas?


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