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donod25donod25 Posts: 4 Apprentice
I'm trying to set up a wrist camera on a UR10e.  I installed URCap 1.11.3 and restared the controller without issue.  On power up though the display shows as below in the installation tab.  Files are saved in the root folder. I even tried a different USB.  Running UR Software  Any help would be appreciated.


  • Yannik_MethotYannik_Methot Posts: 40 Handy
    Hello @donod25,

    For this specific URCap version, the UR Software version must be updated to at least 5.11 as the URCap requires some components added to this software version to work properly.

    If you are unsure which minimal versions are required for any of Robotiq's URCap, they can be seen on the download page when getting the URCap:

    To be noted that Polyscope is another name for what is called UR software on the robot.

    You may have to uninstall the URCap before updating the robot and put the URCap back to prevent some errors from installing the URCap on an incompatible UR software version.

    Best regards,
  • donod25donod25 Posts: 4 Apprentice
    Hi Yannik, 

    thanks for the quick response. I need to keep the Polyscope version to 5.3 for now. Is possible to get the correct URCap for this software version?

  • donod25donod25 Posts: 4 Apprentice
    I think Wrist Camera URCap (UCC-1.9.3) would be the correct one.  Is there a link somewhere to download this?
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