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I try to combine a ur10e robot with a robotiq 2 Finger gripper and control it with MoveIt in gazebo. All the code can be found in . I use ROS kinetic and gazebo 11.5.1.

I created an URDF file (src/ur10e_robotiq140_moveit_config/config/ur10e_robotiq.urdf.xacro) in which I attached the gripper to the tool0 of the robot and used the MoveIt setup assistant to create an moveit config package.

When i launch the demo.launch file every thing works fine but when i want to launch demo_gazebo_launch i get the error:

[ERROR] [1627653029.998797205]: Failed to build tree: child link [gripper_robotiq_arg2f_base_link] of joint [$tool0-robotiq_arg2f_base_link] not found

That's why I created the custom URDF file” src/ur10e_robotiq140_moveit_config/config/ur10e_robotiq_conf.urdf" for the simulation with the help of MoveIt setup assistant. When I launch the gazebo demo at the first look everything looks fine and I can plan and execute in rviz. But when the robots move the gripper starts to shake and make weird moves! I have absolute no idea why! I inserted friction and damping, I imported the roboticsgroup_upatras_gazebo_plugins because Gazebo can't work with mimic joints. Nothing works so I hope someone of you know what to do.