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cwucwu Posts: 4 Apprentice
I have an old FT300 with a UR5 CB3.  It keep telling me my force torque sensor's firmware version is obsolete and it give me the option of upgrade firmware but when I try to updated it, it keep telling me upgrade failed. 

When try to power it on using the activedrive too bar it tells me I don't have a license for it which make no sense cause I am not using a E-series.

It seems like I am not the only one with the problem while searching the form but all the answer I found was robotiq will open a ticket or they will contact them directly.... 

Please advise...

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  • Yannik_MethotYannik_Methot Posts: 39 Handy
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    Hi @cwu,

    There is a way to install the firmware update manually when it fails on the robot.

    Could you connect the FT-300 Sensor to a computer?

    To connect the sensor to a computer, simply connect the USB part of the RS485-USB converter to the computer. You can use the robot as a power source or use an external power source that sends a constant 24V-1A current.

    Then, you have 2 choices of upgraders:

    If you have a computer that is running Windows 10: FT-300 Firmware Upgrader (Windows 10)

    If your computer is running below Windows 10: FT-300 Firmware Upgrader (below Windows 10)

    Once you have unzipped the folder, simply double-click the "Robotiq_upgrader.exe" and follow the instructions.

    Once the firmware is updated, the license issue should disappear. 

    Hope this helps,


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