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NS_YSmartLabNS_YSmartLab Posts: 3 Recruit
I'm attempting to remotely control an EPick vacuum gripper attached to a Universal Robotics URe3 robot via the PTC Thingworx platform. I can already control the robot arm from Thingworx, but run into trouble when trying to send commands to the end effector. From what I can find I need to use python to send a script file to the robot, defining the functions and what to execute, as noted in this post: https://dof.robotiq.com/discussion/1987/how-to-control-robotiq-product-through-port-30002-on-universal-robot. However, the Thingworx platform, to my knowledge, only supports internal JavaScript code and does not have defined python capability. Is there a JavaScript solution to control the gripper from port 30002? If not, is there any other solution that would let me control the gripper from Thingworx?


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