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tytytyty Posts: 17 Apprentice
Hi guys,

Recently, we are trying to test the performance of our control program. A question is that can we configure the UR's protective stop condition and make it more "sensitive"? Now, we have done the test with our UR5e, turns out a quite large force is needed to cause the protective stop. Can we just stop it with a smaller force when it's moving? Thanks in advance.

Best wishes

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  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 674 Expert
    Answer ✓
    It is possible to stop the robot using the force measured by the embedded force sensor. This should be more sensitive but it works only for everything below the force sensor.
    We have a function in our Force Copilot software (https://robotiq.com/products/ft-300-force-torque-sensor) to do that.
    This function is called collision detection.

    On UR side, I think the should be able to control de sensitivity of the protective stop using safety settings.


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