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I will work with a Robotiq Ft-300 sensor, 2f-140 gripper, and an ABB 1200 robot for my thesis. I will estimate the weight of objects with an ft-300 sensor. Then I will measure Normal Force (Fn) with the gripper. Therefore, I can estimate the friction coefficient between the gripper finger and objects.

I am quite new to ROS and Python. I plan to control the ABB robot manually. Then I want to write some codes to read Ft sensor and Normal Force(Fn) from the gripper in ROS with Python. So I can find Ft/Fn as friction coefficient.

Also, I have to determine the starting point of the slip with the Ft-300 sensor. Therefore, I can calculate the exact friction coefficient.

Can you give some suggestions about how to do that? Do you have any examples like that?

Thanks in advance,


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