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bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 695 Expert
I would like to highlight some specificities for grip force control with the 2F85.

As you may have seen in the manual the grip force depends on the following parameters:
  • Hardness of the part
  • Force setting
  • Speed setting
In the manual you will find curves like the one here below:

I gathered all those curve into one dataset and made an approximative conversion of hardness to Young Module.

  • 30 OO: 0.05Mpa
  • 10A: 0.5Mpa
  • 40A: 4 Mpa
  • 60A: 10 Mpa
  • 95HV: 70 000 Mpa
  • 220HV: 200 000 Mpa
Here below is a visualisation about the dataset:

I attach the dataset to this post.

I think with this data set it should be possible to measure material Young module with the gripper and then set parameters to grip with the desired grip force.


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