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edited March 2021 in Robotiq Products

On March 1st, Robotiq launched its new Force Torque Sensor, the FT 300-S.

It replaces the previous one, the FT 300.

What are the improvements?

  • The FT 300-S is now IP65, which means that the sensor is now dust-tight and protected against water jets;

  • The new form factor makes it easier to install while still fitting well on the tool flange;

  • The radial Torx screws have been replaced with socket head screws, making it easier to install and minimize the variation effect caused by the mounting & un-mounting of the sensor.

Even if the form factor has changed, the height is identical to avoid robot program modification. Furthermore, the sensor software, as well as the calibration method, did not change.

For OMRON TM and Techman robots

  • The new mounting plate has two dowel pins and can now be mounted so that no rotation needs to be added in the TMFlow software (the sensor axes and tool flange axes are aligned).

More information about the FT 300-S can be found at robotiq.com, as well as at support.robotiq.com, in the product section. 


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