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maxhuizingmaxhuizing Posts: 7 Apprentice

I want the cobot to send a signal to my arduino so that the arduino knows when to use the steppermotor. Is it as easy to just have a single wire between the cobot and the arduino??

Hope someone could help

Max Huizing

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  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 639 Expert
    Answer ✓
    Arduino have 13 IO pins with voltage of 0 to 5V.
    UR controller also have IO but the voltage is 0 to 24V.

    You could connect an IO output of UR controller to the arduino via a relay.

    1. UR output goes high (24V)
    2. Under the 24V the relay switch on
    3. With relay on the input pin of the arduino is supplied with 5V
    Here below is an illustration of a possible relay connection.


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