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BobLaBobLa Posts: 4 Apprentice
Hey guys,

I am currently struggling to find a way to create a stimulated robot of UR5e robot with hand-e gripper. I need to do that for testing the machine learning code prior to the actual test on the robot (also will help reducing the learning time). However I could not find any proper document to help doing this in any platform such as rviz or v-rep.
Currently, I have successfully had the stimulated robot running on rviz via ROS using the ur-robot-driver but it seems only work when connect to an actual robot (with the IP) so any effect I have on the stimulated robot with have the effect on the real robot as well. Furthermore I cannot have the stimulated gripper nor can I control the gripper via ROS. Another way I worked around this was sending the URscript via Python socket so I can control both the gripper and the robot but ofcourse for this way I cannot have the stimulated robot

I hope that somebody can help me on this issue with any suggestions or documents to help me solve this!

Thank you!


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