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I'd like to know where the "gripper position" is defined on the 2 finger gripper. I write a simple script to test the gripper position and corresponding percentage:
Basically just using "rq_current_pos_mm" and "rq_current_pos_norm". However, I find the values are
But the position I measure intuitively is not that number.
Not sure if you guys can see it but it's above 12cm, which means it's over 120mm. So, either I measure in the wrong way, but I think this is usually the distance people want to know when using grippers to pick objects, or the internal percentage to mm scale is wrong on my PLC.

Please let me know what I should do to correct this problem. Thanks!


  • anli2020anli2020 Posts: 2 Recruit
    Quick update: I just realize the gripper finger was installed inversely when others gave it to me. I reinstalled them and did the calibration in the "Installation -> URCaps -> Gripper", and the problem is fixed.
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