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TXSTUniTXSTUni Posts: 1 Recruit

I'm trying to communicate with the universal (K-1874) controller though Ethernet/IP connection, however all my attempt were unsuccessful.

I figured out that there is no connection whatsoever though the Ethernet port of my Desktop though control panel --> networks and Internet --> network and sharing center. Which doesn't show the any Ethernet connection.

However I can connect and used the gripper using the USB to USB port. 



  • MarcAndre_BaronMarcAndre_Baron Posts: 11 Apprentice

    You can connect the universal controller to your PC via an ethernet port and control it with RUI if you have a Modbus TCP universal controller.
    You also need to set a fixed IP on your PC.

    The IP of the universal controller is:
    You can set this fixed IP on your PC:

    I think you have an EtherCAT controller so you won't be able to connect on RUI via ethernet. Only a USB-USB connection is possible with RUI.

    I would recommend that you ask for the help of an integrator for your project.
    Unfortunately, we cannot do this integration for you.

    I hope this will solve your issue. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions regarding this issue.

    Kind regards,

    Marc-André Baron

    Technical Support

    +1 418-380-2788 ext: 401

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