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jas088acjas088ac Posts: 6 Apprentice
Hello all,
Recently we came across an issue with our UR5 CB3 running polyscope 3.13 then upgrading to 3.14. Upon upgrading we also immediately ran into a joint speed disagreement alarm and shear limit alarm. Tried to revert back to 3.13 but now still getting alarm checked program and accelerations and speeds on some motions were really high. Slowed everything down to where they should have been (not sure if the update changed these numbers or not) Contacted UR and they said the joint would need to be sent in for repair or replacement. When we were disassembling found the long standoff nut was broken at the thread and the 8 bolts that hold joint 4 to joint 3 were loose as well. Tightened these back up and the excess play in the joint was eliminated. Now I can't get the robot to boot back up because i am getting a joint temperature alarm C62A11, also getting error C4A90, C4A93, C100A4,C100A5,. I updated the joint firmware but no improvement. I also did a complete reboot and error remains. The joint is not physically warm. Any ideas what the issue could be? It was running fine until the software update, which they said the issue could be from improved diagnostic updates. Now that the mechanical joint connections have been tightened, the excess play that was there is no longer present. Only the temp alarm that won't let the robot boot. If i unplug J3 the joints below will boot up fine. Thanks for the help and insight!


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