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There is not a URScript function but you can create one.  The joint currents in mA are being broadcast on the modbus server.  You can use the read_port_register(port) function to read these registers so a simple function like this could be used.  YOu can find out more about the data on the modbus server here

def get_joint_currents():
  local port = 290
  local joint = 0
  local jointCurrents = [0,0,0,0,0,0]
  while (joint < 6):
    jointCurrents[joint] = read_port_register(port+joint) 
    joint = joint + 1
  return jointCurrents
Then you can either access that directly or have a background thread placing that value into a global variable. I have tested the above by placing it into a thread and it works without issues



Good one, thanks for your help


You’re welcome