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@AlexYust , @Ryan_Weaver , I know you guys work more in the technical aspects of projects. The camera is targeting simple pick and place on 2D vision application. I have seen some clients looking at bin picking and I would like to see a combination of a device like the products from Asyril with the Robotiq camera to see what the results are. I think that would be a really good fit and could solve some of the bin picking applications that some clients have been looking at! Also Very flexible solution as well. I think Olympus and Axis NE are distributor of Asyril, any videos or feedback you can share?


@ryan_weaver what kind of pick speeds can the system handle?
We're getting up to 70-80 parts per minute on simple applications using our Asycube platforms, yet 1.5s/part are more typical and easier to realize also for first-time system integrators. As Alex mentioned it depends on various factors such as the part & platform size, vibration strategy, robot speed - and on our systems you also have the option to use a custom structured surface to enhance part availability in the desired orientation. Check our Ythe video with the springs linked by Ryan_Weaver above:
@matthewd92 - It is definitely typical to have a bulk hopper, see below.  The asycube forte has the: