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jsumaracjsumarac Posts: 5 Apprentice
Hi, I am working on a UR5 robot with Robotiq FT300 sensor and Wrist Camera. My goal is for the robot to follow a certain path and also to control the forces on its tool. I made a simple program with a Multipoint Path inside a Robotiq Force Control function. I want to control the z-axis component of the force, so I set it at 3N, with adaptive stiffness and +-10mm deviation range. I did not control other components of the force. The program is then executed and I noticed, that while the robot accurately follows the path, I get completely unexpected results for force. I used your StreamToCSV software to collect data from the sensor and the Fz force is not even close to 3N, it has very different values (minimum and maximum being around -10 and 10N respectively) and it's as if the program doesn't even register the Force Control function. So I looked at the Variables tab while the program was running and I saw a rq_ft_sensor_connected variable and it was False during the whole execution of the program. So I then tried to find the template_sensor.urp file but it is not there, and neither is the Sensor folder. Now I do have the Active Drive bar installed, and have used it, and the light on the sensor is constantly blue, but I'm at a loss for what to do now. Is the sensor connected correctly or not? Is there any way I could get the template_sensor.urp program? Or should I install the software all over again?

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