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BBellBBell Posts: 17 Apprentice
We currently have a UR that performs screw operations using an automatic Kolver screwdriver. The UR will move to the various screw positions and re-torque the screws. Based on the operators inputs, the positions of the screws are hard coded in, they do not use Waypoints, by assigning a variable (Screw_X) to a certain position. A subprogram then moves to the current screw position and the screwdriver re-torques the screws. All of this has worked until we installed a new tool changer. 

The tool changer adds Z-distance to the current TCP and also rotates the TCP 90 degrees (previously X:0mm, Y:-67mm, now X:67mm, Y:0mm). We reconfigured the TCP and noticed that the tool didn't move to the correct screw positions. This was to be expected so we went through and did some testing. We found that when we set a Waypoint to move to a certain screw, the tool moved exactly where it needed to. However, when we transferred the coordinated of the Waypoint and put them in the hard coded screw components, the tool deviated drastically from where it was supposed to. We have triple checked our numbers and nothing seems to fix this issue. Hoping that someone has experience with this and is able to help. Thanks in advance!


  • matthewd92matthewd92 Founding Pro, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Posts: 1,266 Handy
    Are your moves referencing the TCP as the frame of reference or the robot flange?  That has been the biggest issue I have seen over the years dealing with TCP’s
  • mkardasinskimkardasinski Posts: 41 Handy
    As matthew said, you should be using MoveL and not MoveJ. Posting your program would make it easier to troubleshoot.
  • BBellBBell Posts: 17 Apprentice
    We got it figured out, the feature was set to view and not base. Thank you all for the help.
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