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mikebeaucheminmikebeauchemin Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 23 Crew

Hello Crew,

On June 9th, 2020, Robotiq put online version 1.14.4 of its Copilot URCap (UCS-1.14.4). Please go to support.robotiq.com ➜ Browse by product ➜Force Copilot ➜ Universal Robots ➜Software ➜ Force Copilot Software ➜ Download Zip.   

The bugfix implemented is listed below. 

[BUGFIX] Force value initiating the spiral insertion is now taken into account. 

Please note this URCap is compatible with:
  • PolyScope 3.13.1 and later.
  • PolyScope 5.8.2 and later.

Please contact [email protected] should you have questions or comments.



  • mnemo76mnemo76 Posts: 1 Recruit
    Is there any information about what the constant initiating force value was before? 
    If I update to this version our programs quite sensitive insertions are not working anymore. Correct values to insertion steps might save lot of time.

  • Yannik_MethotYannik_Methot Posts: 39 Handy
    Hi @mnemo76,

    Before the bugfix, the constant initiating force value was 10N. If the value entered before was 50N for example, it should be ensured that the application of this force does not damage the surface because the force applied before was 10N.

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