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stanleyhuangstanleyhuang Unconfirmed Posts: 4 Apprentice
I have a sanding program using Robotiq's Copilot URCAP. My polyscope is the latest 3.13.1. 
I use Dash server to control the robot from a PC HMI, and I have several Socket calls to communicate with the PC HMI to transfer some parameters for the sanding paths, like force, speed, part frame sizes, etc. I have made sure that the sockets are closed properly every time. But, I can only run the the program once, meaning the program can keep working fine in a loop until I stop. Once it stops, everything on the teach pendant locks up. Manual move arrows don't response, I/O don't response, "OFF" button on "Initialize Robot" screen don't response, etc. If I restart the robot, the robot seems working again. But once I play any program (it does not actually play, it will just grey out the play button for couple seconds, and do nothing), it will lock up again . I would have to reflash the Robot USB drive to a working backup image. Please see the video link below: 

Thank you for reading this.
If you have seen similar issue and figured it out, please let me know what you did. 
Thank you!!! 

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  • stanleyhuangstanleyhuang Unconfirmed Posts: 4 Apprentice
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    For anyone who have seen this issue, I have figured out that it was caused by one of my global variables being overflowed. Be careful when you pass variable values with Socket in script, because UR won't show you any error message if you assign an overflow value to a variable accidentally, and it would just freeze up the whole robot.


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