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Hi all, 
We gathered the 5 most frequently asked questions about Robotiq's vision system. Feel free to post your questions or comments below.  Note that the system is compatible with Universal Robots only and is designed to perform part detection. 

  • Can the vision system do quality inspection?
No. The vision system is used for part detection, it cannot measure dimensions. 

  • Can the vision system use colors to detect objects?
No. As for now, the vision system is colorblind. It needs a certain amount of contrast to detect parts. Therefore, transparent objects cannot be detected. 

  • Is it possible for the vision system to identify components on a moving conveyor?
No. As for now, the conveyor would need to stop. The vision system uses a static Snapshot Position to detect parts. The robot can then perform a pick and place operation relative to the part’s position during the detection.

  • How is the calibration performed?
The calibration is performed through the Snapshot Position wizard (in the Installation menu) with the calibration board provided by Robotiq. Note that a Snapshot Position is required for each object that needs to be located by the vision system. Many objects can use the same Snapshot Position.

  • What is actually calibrated?
The camera is calibrated for a robot position and a work plane. A Snapshot Position, and therefore its associated calibration, can be used in various programs as long as the robot system, the work plane and the camera position remain the same.

Do you think of applications where Robotiq’s vision system would be helpful? Feel free to post your questions or comments below!



For the first release, the only output is the object location of the best match. We know that outputting the number of objects would also be desirable for some applications but it will not be available in the first release (and I cannot commit for a specific release date for this feature).