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Hello @11011001

Sorry to hear that you have faced this problem. I recently had the same problem except I was the sales guy who sold the stuff for one of our customers. Thankfully I ran some testing before delivering the system for customer so I was able to face this problem before implementation and before my customer production workers even got the robot cell. I apologized my customer and together we decided to forget Copilot in this project. That is a sad thing since Copilot is the game changer which makes your implementation project really easy and straightforward.

Recently I have done many tests with Onrobot RG2, 3FG15, Eye box, Compute Box, Dual 3FG15 with Dual Quick Changer and I can confirm that if you use Compute box or Eye box it is not possible to use Copilot. Onrobot and Robotiq URcaps is most probably writing in to same RTDE registers. In my knowledge Universal Robots gives a guidance which RTDE registers can be used and how many.

I have reported very detailed information to Universal Robots, Robotiq and Onrobot so they could maybe fix the issue since.
Recently I have learned that when planning to use two different manufacturer URcap same time, I will run test before to ensure compatibility.