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JstewartJstewart Posts: 62 Apprentice
I was wondering what your preferred offline programming software? I have tried RoboGuide, RoboDK, and Artiminds. I know that there is a bunch out there but ranging in price and functionality, but which ones would you prefer? Thanks 


  • AlbertAlbert Posts: 8 Apprentice
    Hi @Jstewart ,

    What robots are you planning to use?
    RoboGuide is Fanuc's offline programming software and it only works with Fanuc robots.

    I can help you setup your project in RoboDK.

  • JstewartJstewart Posts: 62 Apprentice
    @Albert We mostly use Fanuc but do have a UR. I do not have a project as of yet that will be using this but do in the near future. 
  • Matt_HMatt_H Posts: 16 Apprentice
    As Albert said Roboguide is for Fanuc only. Its simply the best tool available for offline programming a Fanuc (If you have a licence for it, if not it can be quite expensive (but worth it!)). RooboDK looks about as good as anything else available for generic OLP and the building of virtual cells.
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