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PSDDRPSDDR Posts: 1 Recruit

Good day everyone,

I am a part of a team based in The Netherlands that has personal self driving robots (PSDR). The robots will be able to carry about 10kgs worth of groceries or medicine and deliver it. 

We came up with the idea to deliver supplies and medicine to people who are vulnerable to COVID-19 for EVERYONE, not only the big corporations. The goal is to reduce the spread, but also making sure everyone still manages to get the supplies they need for daily consumption.

This is how it works:

  1. We will provide the software for FREE (for personal use only). The software is based on deep learning for autonomous driving. 

  2. We will provide you a FREE extended guide on how to build the robot yourself. 

  3. You will order the parts (local) and build the robot. (Everybody can do it)

Do you know any friends or family who might be interested in building this Personal Self-Driving Robot?

Please comment below or email: [email protected]

For more information go to our website:https://ofoundation.nl/personal-self-driving-robot/

The PSDR is for personal use only.


  • edmundwongedmundwong Posts: 1 Recruit
    Im interested for your PSDR. I would like to build one to carry groceries and medicines, perfectly what I need. I lives in Malaysia and hope I can buy most of the parts needed. Kindly send me the necessary information. Many thanks. 
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