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mariuszmariusz Unconfirmed Posts: 1 Recruit
Hello everybody!
Last week we received a new HAND-E gripper. It came with an adapter that you can connect directly to the robot flange. We plan to use it with Universal Robot (UR5 e-Series). We followed all of the mechanical and electrical installation instructions as always (this is not the first time we use HAND-E grippers), and then downloaded and installed a new URCap.
URCap version we have installed now is
PolyScope version we have is
We changed the Tool I/O interface to be controlled by Robotiq_Grippers.
After we turn the power on and provide supply to the gripper, the blue LED is lit continuously. We can activate the gripper by the menu that is on the top right corner of the teach pendant and operate it in normal mode.
But there the problem starts because when we try to activate the gripper through the Installation Tab (like in instruction), LED starts to blink blue and red and we cannot activate it.
The same thing happens when we start the robot.
And then - when we try to activate it again from the top menu we got an error that says "An error occurred with the grippers. Go to Installation Tab and tap 'Scan'. Error code: [UCG-1]"
Have you ever come across such a problem?

Thank you in advance for replay,



  • MarcAntoine_GauthierMarcAntoine_Gauthier Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 55 Crew
    Hello @mariusz

    Just send this to our Technical Support team. They will create a ticket with your request to have a better follow up with you.
    They will be in touch soon.

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